Nobody Knows Soft Play Rentals Like We Do

Our team at Sacramento’s own Significant Affairs SoftPlay knows the importance of creating a memorable and visually stunning soft-play experience for toddlers. We specialize in offering color coordinated themes that add a modern and clean aesthetic to our setups.

Our soft-play packages are designed to be inclusive, ensuring that all children can join in on the fun. We prioritize safety, ensuring that our equipment is well-maintained and meets all necessary safety standards. Our team is trained to create a fun and engaging environment for toddlers, allowing them to crawl, climb, explore, and engage in active play.

Our packages include a wide variety of equipment, including ball pits, tunnels, arches, bouncers, bounce houses, and rockers. These equipment options provide endless opportunities for imaginative and exploratory play, keeping your little ones entertained for hours.

To add an extra touch of excitement to our packages, we include two balloon columns. These colorful additions create a festive atmosphere and enhance the overall visual appeal of the soft-play area. Additionally, we offer the option to add-on a balloon arch that further enhances the theme and creates a stunning backdrop for photos.

At Significant Affairs SoftPlay, we strive to create a soft-play experience that is not only enjoyable for toddlers but also visually appealing for parents and caregivers. Contact us today to book your inclusive and stylish soft-play package.